Terms of Service

Last updated: 8th June 2020


Please note that this website is ran by a single student, I try my best to set out these documents in a way that is accessable to everyone & describes what I do, but if you have any questions feel free to email me, and I'll try to answer them.

Our terms of service dictate the what actions members of our platform are not allowed to perform, and the actions we may take against members who perform these actions.

Updates to these terms

We may update these terms at anytime as we continue to add more features to our service. If you deny of these changes to these terms, you may delete your account from within the settings page of your account. You may also email us if you have any questions or concerns about these terms.

Becoming a member

When you sign up for our service, you agree that you are over the minimum age of 13 years old, you also agree to both these Terms and our Privacy Policy. You may only create an account if you accept all three of these statements.

Violations of these Terms

Members who violate these terms may lose access to some of or all of our services, depending on the action they performed. This includes access to our paid services, which violaters may have their access to these services limited or removed. Decisions on actions taken against violaters are left up to the site moderators & adminisators, whose decision is final. If you believe you did not violate these Terms, you may email us your appeal.

The donald108.com service

When using the donald108.com service, you are required to follow the following guidelines. Overall, please be kind to others on the site & the site itself.

  • Do not haress, attempt to harm, hack, doxx, or perform any harmful action to other members of the site.
  • Treat the website itself kindly. Do not attempt to hack, exploit, or perform any action that would compromise the functionality of our service, or the security of our users.
  • Do not attempt to share any NSFW or otherwise inapproiate content on our site.
  • Do not share account details with anyone else. Your account, and its security, is your own responability.
  • Do not attempt to gain access to our paid services without paying for them yourself.
  • Treat our other services with the same manner, while also following any additional Terms these services set out.
  • Please follow all local laws when using any of our services.

Other services

When using any of our other services, you are bound not only by our Terms of Service, and our Privacy Policy, but also by the Terms of Service for the service you are using. Violations of these terms within one service could lead to limited or removed access to all donald108.com services.