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Offical Tower Power: Dev Log #1

Discussion in 'Tower Power' started by donald108, May 25, 2016.

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    May 24, 2016
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    Welcome to the first ever dev log for tower power!

    I have been working hard on this game over the last week and introduce to you the new mobs!
    The textures aren't fully done yet..

    These mobs have 5 different healths and speeds so you have to watch where you place turrets more so none get to your castle! The health bars above the mobs have also been changed, they now go from orange -> yellow -> green before they die.

    They "coins = money" feature has been removed so they player can't just save their money between levels and turrets have been rebalanced so the $35 turret is not so OP.

    Here is a sneak-peak at some code:
    case 1:   
                spawn(2400, 1, 52, 40);
    case 2:   
                spawn(9600, 2, 52, 10);
    case 3:   
                spawn(2400, 3, 104, 60);
    case 4:   
                spawn(38400, 4, 208, 10);
    case 5:   
                spawn(4800, 5, 52, 20);
    This code shows the 5 different mob types and their exact health (3rd value) and speed (4th value)

    Hope you are excited for the release of Tower Power here on donald108.com!

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