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I'm going to redo the forums and everything soon.
Expect a more consistent layout of forums and of official groups.

Thanks! ^-^
Progress Update

It's been a while since I have posted a progress update, but I am still continuing to develop the site and to keep adding new features! :3

New Addons have been installed to make the website a better place to be, these include:
  • A snowy theme for the winter
  • Live chat conversations
  • Double post merging
  • And some new secret admin features
I hope these features make your stay on the website a better one! <3

New forum layout will be added soon after Christmas, to give you many new spaces to talk about whatever you would like to! These will include some categories that are currently in groups, such as the Minecraft category, and much more to come! :D

Finally, I would like to thank all 54 of you to signing up and making this place wonderful! <3

Have an amazing day!
Progress Update

Welcome to another progress update for donald108.com, over the past month, we have introduced a bunch of new features, which I am excited to share with you:

New Themes have been introduced to the site, including a spooky Halloween theme (which will be available to all users over the month of October) and an optional theme to replace the default theme (this theme will be permanently available to all users). To change your theme you can select the dropdown menu at the bottom of the page.

New Addons have also been introduced: Including the Pokemon catcher, and a cover photo for user profiles. The Pokemon catcher allows you to catch Pokemon in the following places: here and here, I have also detailed a thread, here, on how to catch Pokemon. The cover photo addon allows you to upload a cover photo to your profile page, to do this you can select the Upload cover option under your profile.

New Domains have also been added, these domains: pokeforum.uk and pokeforum.club. Both redirect to donald108.com and you can use them instead of using donald108.com.

New Twitter has been introduced to donald108.com, this twitter @DogeHD is my official Twitter. You can also now login with Twitter!

Finally, New Emojis have been introduced, these include, :3, :penny:, <3.

Thank you for now having 37 of you! It means so much to me that you have signed up and made this place a better place for everyone!

Have an amazing day!
Update on Progress

Here at donald108.com, I have been working very hard to make the site as awesome as possible for our users. This includes a lot of new addons for the site!

Medals have been added, these medals show off users achievements within the site So far, medals for our first 25 users and our staff members have been added. We will soon add more medals for users who post a lot, and other user achievements.

The chatbox has been upgraded to a more advanced chatbox. You can now tag other users in your chat messages, see who's chatting right now and whisper messages to other users! In my survey most users did say they wouldn't like the chatbox changed, however I believe that all the new features in our new chatbox make it much better!

Minecraft Association has been added, you can now link one of your minecraft accounts to your forum account.

Account Upgrades have been added, you can now buy either a pink or blue or purple name tag for $1 each. These show off your contribution to the site and make your name even more visible! You can buy yours here!

Updated T&Cs. The terms and conditions of using your account on the forums have been upgraded. You can view the updates here. Please remember by using your forum account you accept the terms and conditions of use. If you now disagree with our terms and conditions please submit a PM to donald108 saying that you would like your account removed. However, if you do not follow our terms and conditions your account may be banned from use of our service.

I return back to school tomorrow, so I won't be as active here. However, regular updates will continue...
Update on Progress

Hello, the development of donald108.com has been quite slow over the past few weeks. This is because I have been away at university open days.

I have seen how much I need to work to get into these universities; I need to finish off my application, I need to sit exams, I need to do interviews and then more exams!

For one of these exams I need to make a game, this will be a 2D Java Battle Game which I will say more on very soon.

I will still continue to be on donald108.com daily, however Tower Power updates & Augblock 0.9 will be delayed. Thank you all for joining me on this website.

I have also added a new Groups section, this allows users to make their own groups and add users to them! In these groups you can make you're own mini-forum, and even make events for your group! I really hope you enjoy this new feature, and more features will be added soon!

Hope you are having a great day!
Welcome to our new website!

I really hope you like the new features such as:
I will be adding our newest game Tower Power to the resources section soon and until then i will do weekly dev logs of the progress we're making up to it's release (you can see this weeks here)!

If you want to create an account click here!

Thank you so much!